Sara & Keith's Journey Down the Aisle!

About Sara

After graduating from the University of Maryland School of Medicine Sara has begun her intern year.  She is super excited to have been selected for a Radiology residency at the same hospital as Keith!

Sara's other love in her life has always been horses, she has ridden for 15 years and particularly loves the sport of dressage. Medical school has forced a hiatus from the sport for now, but she will once again own a horse as soon as she is able.

The picture here is of her horse Elvis taken back when she was in college at Virginia Tech.

About Keith

Keith has done many great things in his life and medical school is only a recent accomplishment of his! He was previously in the Army for quite sometime before going to undergraduate school at University of Minnesota then to medical school.

Keith matched into ENT (Otolaryngology) last year, and is currently a general surgery intern.

His other loves in life are his motorcycles and boating, he owns both his own boat and motorcycle and uses them to relax after long days of studying or being in the hospital.

How we met

Keith and I met while we were learning to become officers in the US Army Medical Corps at Officer Basic Training in San Antonio, TX. After years of long-distance dating (he in MN, she in MD) he is now a 1st year ENT resident matching at a hospital not far from her medical school - YAY! :-)

The Proposal

We went on a hike in the Great Falls, Maryland area on a GORGEOUS day; had a nice picnic for for lunch then went on to the Billy Goat Trail.  We found a nice, secluded corner of the trail and that is where Keith asked me to be his wife :)