Sara & Keith's Journey Down the Aisle!

Candy Buffet

Going to use Corrinne from "Making Memories Decor", not a bad deal -use my name (Sara, in November) and you get 10% off!! This is much better then trying to lug these jars from DC to MN or buying in MN and being stuck with them.

* Orange and Chocolate Hard Candy Twists - $35.93 (including shipping)                   [from]
* Hershey Kisses, Caramels, Jelly Beans (orange & chocolate), Tootsie Rolls - $138.82 [from] -$31 (including shipping)
* Fall-colored hearts & leaves [from SunshineBakes] on Etsy -
* Chinese Take Out Boxes -  $47.20 [ULine]
* Container Rental- $36

TOTAL = $288 - little over 100 guests so $2.75/person 

The decorated Chinese Take-out boxes - I ran thick, glossy picture paper through my Xyron
to make it into a sticker, cut it out then stuck it on :)

Bathroom baskets

Some ideas of contents:
- lint roller                                            - blotting strips (for the ladies)              
- hair spray                                          - Q-tips                                                    
- "Tide to go"                                       - band-aids
- Advil, Tums, contact soln                   - lotion
- combs                                                - tampons (obvi for ladies)
- spray deodorant                                - eye drops
- Listerine strips                                   - bobby pins/ hair ties (for the ladies)
- clear nail polish (for nails and pantyhose)
- safety pins                                         - mouthwash w/dixie cups
- breath mints                                      - Oil blotting sheets                            
                                                            - double-sided tape (for the ladies)                                                                           

*wording from EngagedNVenice*


OOT Bags

Snacks and Food:     (all produced in MN)

Caribou Coffee
Pearson's Nut Goodie
Pearson's Mints
some sort of General Mills product
Gardetto's Mix

Non-food items:

Little packs of Advil, Purel and whatever is cheap and strikes my fancy at Target :)
Brochure of Minneapolis
A couple of bottles of water

Minimus - a good place for buying travel-sized things

Papermart - a good place to buy bags to put them in

Opted to just use paper for the water bottles, much easier and since I won't be chilling them I don't have to worry about them running :)

just the water bottles, the bags are going to be a mix of gable boxes I bought off another bride and the re-usable Target bags

*label template from krhagen*

Card Box

I LOVE this - from Etsy's "SheaChic Design" - I may have to fork over the $$ since if I attempt something like it I will never get it to look like this...

Wedding Certificate

ArtfulCelebrations from Etsy does fabulous wedding certificates that each of our guests can sign as a testament to our exchange of vows. I think that this will be something that once framed and hanging on our bedroom wall will mean so much to us.

picture is a sample of ArtfulCelebrations wonderful work

Just in case I want to shop around - Toucan Design

Votive Send-off

So at the last minute I realized my vendor didn't allow sparklers (boo on me for poor planning), so I came up with the idea for a votive send off!! It worked great!! (pictures coming soon!)

votives + votive holders



Wedding Card book

Just saw this idea and LOVE it, I'm a super sentimental person so I keep all of the cards I ever get, so naturally I want something to keep my wedding cards :)

Here is the website for the directions : DIY wedding card keepsake book from Offbeat Bride

Here is a website for a more professional bookbinding (what I'm going to try to do):
-- Binding comic books
-- Book Binding Instructions
-- Bookbinding 101
-- Bind it Fast (easy to follow instructions for sewing "signatures")
-- Binding Books (lots of pictures)