Sara & Keith's Journey Down the Aisle!

Bios I love!

The Chestshirekat - Her bio is just full of fun ideas and templates!!

W&K - Love her DIY instructions on making DIY bracelets!

krhagen - her invites are to die for! She also has TONS of other templates and things, love it!

Macdidly - AWESOME bio with tons of templates and fun ideas :)

Arosthec - great templates, cute wedding coloring book :)

Soon2bMrsK - some great DIY ideas, like painted wine glasses for bridesmaids, custom rhinestone clothing directions and more!

The Salty Peanut - another one full of ideas and templates! Love her coasters!!

ChiMonique - Awesome paper products - I am OBSESSED with paper products... She also has other awesome ideas!

BostonBride919 - Another fabulous wedding with fabulous details!

Arosthec - Love her lists!!! Not to mention her super-cute DIY projects!!!

- her overall style is fantastic! Going to "steal" her idea for a marriage certificate since I LOVE paper and LOVE calligraphy so I feel like I would actually frame and look at it!

Jon & Jody - very good DIY section, especially: ring bearer pillow instructions, card box instructions, bracelet & necklace instructions

cutypie953 -  well organized site, love her idea for a photo scavenge, may have to "steal" :)

Fall Bio
- enough said  :)

Ela - love her reading and music selections

JtotheLee - LOVE her engagement pictures (taken in MN) and the other elements of her wedding

JBirds - LOVE her invites, mine will *sorta* be like hers

Mrs.Katematch - her details are just gorgeous, love her veil too!

Stephu7387- her details are awesome: little basket favors, her creative escort cards, OOT bags, BM gifts and more!

drdiafabio - lots of DIY tips and projects with great directions, her invites are awesome! (she also shows what happens when you don't handcancel your invites!

caseyandlizzie - love her instructions on DIY cufflinks!

Websites I found helpful

DIY Pearl Necklaces

DIY Aisle Runner - by Roadtothe Aisle - she also has other AWESOME Posts

Tons of Templates! Thanks to the knotties on the DIY board I came across this great website!

DIY Envelope Lining

DIY Kid's coloring book clipart - some pretty cute clipart for kids to color in

Save on - EXCELLENT website, particularly for ribbon, aisle runner ($14!), reception decor

Xylem Design - found cheap easels (for table #s) here ($17 for 12), that's where the link will take you

Wholesale - GREAT cheap vases (dirt cheap!) [check out too, they just don't have square vases]

Curious Country Creations - interesting website, planning on getting some pine cones for my centerpieces (where the link will take you) - good prices on bulk candy

Russell & Hazel - Templates to make your own wedding planner

Oriental Trading - good price for napkins (7 cents/napkin)

Ruffled - a great DIY blog, tons of templates & fun ideas

Knot Codes
- great for figuring out how to make super fun posts

Papermart- great prices for OOT bags

- great place to go for travel-sized things (think OOT bags)

Young House Love
- just a fun website! Has all sorts of ideas for around the house DIY :)

Party at Lewis - less than 7 cents/napkin WITH shipping

Nashville Wraps - could be even cheaper for OOT bags/chinese-take out boxes depending on where you live

JKM Ribbon - discount ribbon, if you're a new customer and spend >=$50 you get 25% off!

Flourishes - flourishes from projectwedding

CandlesforLess - great prices on candles, candle holders and glass vases too!

ULine - another place to look for boxes; where I got my chinese take out boxes

DIY cufflinks - enough said