Sara & Keith's Journey Down the Aisle!

The DIY List...

   STDs (pictures under "Paper")
Invites- design is in progress, still need to assemble, send -DONE!!, see pictures in "Paper"
Ceremony Programs under "Paper"
Unity Candle (pictures below)
menus - pictures under "Paper"
table numbers - under "Paper"
candy buffet boxes (pictures below!)
aisle runner (pictures below!)
OOT boxes -  pictures under "It's All in the Details"
ring bearer pillow - grandmother is going to give me the one she used in her wedding! AWESOME!!
bridesmaid jewelry (made pearl necklaces, see pictures below)
bridesmaids wine glasses
my bracelet (pictures below!)
day of hoodie (pictures below!)
card box - going to do the picture frame cardbox,
Bathroom Baskets (made sign, need to print; get baskets & contents) --pictures under "It's All in the Details"
flower girl gifts (pictures below!)
ring bearer gifts (pictures below!)

Candy Buffet Boxes

Boxes from ULine; I thin printed the monograms out on matte photo paper, cut the circles out, ran through my Xyron machine and stuck them on. Took a lot less time than I thought!

More details on my Candy Buffet under "It's all in the details"

Flower Girl Gifts


Using my left-over rhinestones and mylar paper I made this bag with the same principals as the hoodie (see below).  I also added the cute rhinestone flowers, which I got from Michales for $1.  The canvas tote bag came from Michaels as well :-) So about $3

Also, with my left over rhinestones & mylar, I made this cute shirt for the FG to wear for the rehearsal dinner (cost about $5)


Ring Bearer Gifts

used some iron-on letters from Michaels and a shirt also bought at Michaels to create this cute shirt - quite possibly one of my favorite things! Cost about $5

Will post pictures of other things I got him soon :-)

The back

Bridesmaids Glasses


I loved how SummerKutie did her bridesmaid's wine glasses, so I set out to make my own, using the same Etsy vendor as her (ACJInspirations)

Wine Glasses - from Target - $14.99 for 4 - came to $23 with shipping ($5.75/glass)

ACJ Inspiration - vinyl stick letters + dots - $8.50 with shipping - she even did a custom apricot color for me, AWESOME!

Bags to "wrap them" - $0.59 ea (from Michaels)

                                                                   Ribbon to tie around stems - $3.99 (from Michaels)

                                                                   TOTAL : $9.47 ea

Personalized Clothing


LOVE emarston1's directions -- easy for me to follow! (the link takes you to her blog)

Rhinestones - (Ebay) - 1440 (10 gross) - 3mm (10ss) crystal-clear HotFix Rhinestones, bought for $5.99 + $2.95 shipping

Mylar Paper- bought 10 sheets of 9.4" x 9.4" Mylar paper for $5.29 (free shipping) - I think this should be MORE than enough

Hoodie (Old Navy) -$22 with shipping 
                                                                   TOTAL = $36.23
  still less than buying on Etsy ($39)
+ have lots of supplies leftover for other projects



Decided I wasn't a big fan of the brooch, so I found another one from Fabulous Brooch - which was even cheaper than this one!
Used the directions from Kim as a guide, but modified a bit; namely that the strands of the bracelet are connected to the brooch itself.

- pearls and rondelles from FusionBeads
- wire, crimpers, etc from Michaels

Bridesmaids Necklaces


Found inspiration from an Etsy seller, can't remember who, for a double-strand ribbon tied necklace, so I tried my hand at them..not bad I don't think.

I ended up using super glue on the tied ends, I did this because I had a nightmare (seriously!) that 2 of the girls had there's fall off because the ribbons were just tied to the jump rings.  The superglue worked perfectly!

Aisle Runner


This monster of a DIY project is done!  With the help of the FABULOUS instructions by Road to the Aisle I was able to recreate the monogram below.  **BEWARE** thin, straight lines are HARD, as is fancy script (at least for a perfectionist like me)

Aisle Runner - from "I do originals" I decided to go with this one since the fabric is a little bit more substantial than the ones from Michaels, but not too outrageously priced - $93 with shipping

I went to staples to blow up the image - 400% bigger than a standard sheet of paper works perfectly - $2.12 (have the measure the IMAGE dimensions to determine the price, rather than the actual paper size

Paint & Paint Brushes - already had these on hand, used acrylic paint

Sparkles - used DecorArt "Glamour Dust" in Crystal - $1.99 - You paint on a thick layer of the paint, then sprinkle the stuff on the wet paint - I went in sections of about 3-4 inches

TOTAL = $97.11

Close up trying to show the sparkle :-)

Unity Candle


Found inspiration from all over, used vellum paper, ribbon and candles all from Michaels. To adhere I used mounting squares on all pieces.