Sara & Keith's Journey Down the Aisle!

i.e. Staying under Budget

These are some of the ways that I am attempting to stay within a reasonable budget:
- DIY paper (STD, Invites, table numbers, thank- you cards)
- Flowers (I don't really care that much, both the ceremony and reception site are gorgeous) - budget is $200 for bouquets, corsages, ceremony things
- Centerpieces- will be pretty much afloral and composed of cheap materials and vases from dollar tree - budget is < $10/table
- shamelessly asking for a military discount ( FI's and I's combined service years total >16 years and my parent's combined service years is >55 years)
- Caterer - found a WONDERFUL caterer who is designing our menu and keeping it on budget and who also happens to be the one who holds the liquor license for Semple so he is trying to work on a cheaper way to have alcohol and be on budget
- Transportation - Keith's FIL has a classic car so it's FREE :) One of Sara's uncles has a motor coach that he has graciously offered to use as a shuttle for one set of Sara's grandparents from SD to MN and for Ceremony to Reception --> may help with other guests transportations, but not going to count on it...
- Dress - ended up loving a dress that was less than 1/2 of what I had budgeted :)

Things we are splurging on

- Semple Mansion - is on the pricey side, but it is perfect and needs NO decorations - so that saves $ and also allows a lot of outside vendors allowing us to stay under budget with the caterer & other vendors
- Photographer/Videographer - what's the point of spending all the $ without great pictures & video??
- Day of Planner - since we are planning this from far away, she will be essential to keeping our sanity

<-- another picture of Semple, love it! (I think this one is from